Ávila Burger: Tasty Content.

Each client has different marketing goals depending on the type of business, its aims, and its commercial strategies. The company’s aim could be positioning, branding, engagement, or getting new customers. In the case of Ávila Burger Panama, the goals were clear: to bring in new customers and create a larger community on social media. This meant that we needed to create a new content strategy to attract an audience that would love the brand and visit the restaurant.

When generating content, it is important to consider the personalities both of your brand and of your audience. Then, you must create a strategy to satisfy both. Ávila Burger’s content was well thought out: it was attractive, youthful, varied, tasteful, and provocative; there was a concept behind every post. We worked on advertising to promote product consumption—desirable pieces that pointed to the “food porn” trend.
However, a successful social media campaign is not all about creativity. We needed to craft an intentional strategy for marketing and advertising. We created paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to get more customer interactions. We also designed monthly contests to encourage customers to eat at the restaurant. Finally, we developed an influencer strategy to build the restaurant’s reputation in the community.
Ávila Burger’s monthly social media growth varied from a 20% to 30% increase in the first couple of months. Their monthly reach was roughly 40 thousand to 70 thousand users, and the engagement ratio surpassed 1,7 %. Not bad for a local restaurant!
Social media marketing is more than being on social media and posting every day. The content, planning, and development of an effective strategy are key to your business’s social media, regardless of its size. Contact us about developing a social media plan for your business.