Plan Smart – Build Strong

When we build logos, we build brands beyond graphic conception, beyond merely “pretty.” This logo is the proof! Each letter in Hogan Construction’s slogan represents a technology used during their work. Each letter is the graphic synthesis of software, machinery, or diagrams used by the company; it reflects the technological advances in its value proposition.

The letter “N” was one of the most difficult to make. It represents the heat tracking equipment that Hogan Construction uses. Making thermal vision possible without any colors was a significant achievement that is represented within their logo. Designing the logo required several weeks of hard work, but everyone was pleased with the results.

After consulting several agencies, only our work met their expectations. We were not the cheapest company they had worked with, but we delivered the highest-quality results. To be successful, you should consider quality over price. As they say, you get what you pay for. After this project, Hogan Construction became a regular customer of ours.