A Tu Salud: Take a leap to monetization.

It has been more than five years since A Tu Salud became one of our clients. Since the moment we started working with them, we have been the image consultant and publicist for María Laura García and her brand, A Tu Salud. We worked with her to create a conventional media marketing plan.

A Tu Salud is a wellbeing and lifestyle online media brand which was started by the Venezuelan journalist, María Laura García, along with a group of health experts. As a public personality, María Laura García has significant influence in the fitness and health industry across all media types.

As a communication platform, A Tu Salud has an almost endless library of information certified by experts. Radio and TV shows, wellbeing and health articles, exercise routine videos, and healthy recipes are all part of the valuable content library. However, this platform was not generating any income aside from the company’s traditional business model. So, we created a strategy to monetize the platform’s digital content.

Content monetization on digital channels requires planning, defining goals, analyzing data, identifying channels, generating KPIs, analyzing the brand, performing audience and competition analysis, optimizing SEO, measuring actions, and producing quality content. These factors are key to create an effective strategy that generates the necessary traffic and engagement to earn income through digital content. Contact us about developing a strategy to monetize your digital content.